Hampstead Heath is the source Of three lost rivers. The Fleet,Tyburn and Kilburn…

Wherever you live in London you are never far away from water, below the surface lie tunnels, piping, wells, railways, sewers the list goes on all this hidden infrastructure was created by the lost rivers of London.  Hampstead Heath is  the source Of three  rivers.  The Fleet, Tyburn and Kilburn…

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The Blue Plaques of Hampstead

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Hampstead has a literary history that takes some beating and what better way of getting around than tracking down its literary greats, take in the village atmosphere, breathe in the fresh air , look up at the church steeples, wander in the narrow courtyards and curving streets.

There are over 75 plaques in Hampstead around half of which are the blue (formerly brown) round plaques erected by English Heritage, the Society of Arts, London County Council and Greater London Council. The other half are the distinctive black oval Hampstead plaques of The Heath & Hampstead Society.

Romantic poets such as Keats, Shelley, Byron and Coleridge all lived in Hampstead or nearby, as did the writers Robert Louis Stevenson, H. G. Wells, D. H. Lawrence, J. B. Priestley and the landscape artist John Constable.

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TOP TWEETS IN NW3 and Beyond…

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Ham and High Veri@HamandHighCheeky’ party on #Hampstead Heath planned to celebrate life of George Michael http://bit.ly/2oQJQe6 


Sounds Fun celebrating the life of a Star

Primrose Hill Market‏  @PrimroseMarket Picnic essentials @naturalbornwine,@boroughcheeseco @olivierfavrel & @iowtomatoes are featured in this weeks news: http://eepurl.com/buTSZn 


Our favourite market in full swing…

L‏ @Franglais27  Feels like a summer’s day on the Heath! #HampsteadHeath #NW3 #London pic.twitter.com/3DYwZ7xNpd

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The Sun is proving very popular on the Hill

Belsize Village‏ @BelsizeVillage  We hear @NatWest_Help is closing its branches in @Haverstock_Hill and @HampsteadHighSt. Here’s the already departed @HSBC_UK. Gaping hole. pic.twitter.com/mmF8mfpvqC

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It is going to take a collective effort to save the High Street

factory‏ @fact59 #RollingStones, Primrose Hill 1965 pic.twitter.com/Tdt8h2zHYQ

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You can locate the spot this was taken from

Focus Music‏ @FocusMusic1 #ThursdayThoughts why can’t it always be this sunny in Chalk Farm. pic.twitter.com/GA2Eg2sNbM

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The Sun is proving very popular at the moment

Camden New Journal  @NewJournal Apr 4 Urgent fundraising dive for legal fight against deportation of Stoly Jankovic http://camdennewjournal.com/article/stoly-jankovic-fundraising-drive-to-cover-legal-fight-against-deportation  #savestoly pic.twitter.com/DRAfCAHpEW

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This is a popular member of the community let him remain so!!!!!