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Ham and High Veri@HamandHighCheeky’ party on #Hampstead Heath planned to celebrate life of George Michael 


Sounds Fun celebrating the life of a Star

Primrose Hill Market‏  @PrimroseMarket Picnic essentials @naturalbornwine,@boroughcheeseco @olivierfavrel & @iowtomatoes are featured in this weeks news: 


Our favourite market in full swing…

L‏ @Franglais27  Feels like a summer’s day on the Heath! #HampsteadHeath #NW3 #London

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 10.12.28

The Sun is proving very popular on the Hill

Belsize Village‏ @BelsizeVillage  We hear @NatWest_Help is closing its branches in @Haverstock_Hill and @HampsteadHighSt. Here’s the already departed @HSBC_UK. Gaping hole.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 10.20.47

It is going to take a collective effort to save the High Street

factory‏ @fact59 #RollingStones, Primrose Hill 1965

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 10.26.29.png

You can locate the spot this was taken from

Focus Music‏ @FocusMusic1 #ThursdayThoughts why can’t it always be this sunny in Chalk Farm.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.47.51

The Sun is proving very popular at the moment

Camden New Journal  @NewJournal Apr 4 Urgent fundraising dive for legal fight against deportation of Stoly Jankovic  #savestoly

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 10.36.57.png

This is a popular member of the community let him remain so!!!!!



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Juniper Tree  @JuniperTreeLDN Adorable new receptionist at our neighbour’s place #BodyMatters. #nw3 #belsizepark #Hampstead via @BodyMattersNW3


Light years ahead of the competion.

Mini Beat Music  @minibeatmusic #Music Time at @BelsizeLibrary FRIDAY 9.30 and 10.30am #babies #toddlers #NW3 #EnglandsLane #livemusic


Music is the Soul of Life.

NW3 Interiors  @NW3InteriorsLtd Lovely day in Hampstead! via @HampsteadLife #NW3 #LoveHampstead #Hampstead 


Watch out…

Pop Up Vintage Fairs  @Pop_Up_Vintage Up next! SUN 9th APRIL at St Stephens Rosslyn Hill #Hampstead #NW3 #vintage #shopping 11-4pm  @HampsteadLife


Just got to be worth a visit.

(((Drew Fair)))  @drwfair Once again. Conversing with the spirits of darkness & light. Primrose Hill in black & White


The City of night, City of light.

L  @Franglais27  No weekend plans? Come along to Sunday’s bird watch on #hampsteadheath at 9.30am! #NW3 @Hampsteadtweets @mapzine77


Budding photographers required.

PGDPS Ltd‏  @PGDPS Quality Printing delivered to you #NW3 For all your #contentmarketing #promotion Free consultation available…


The entreprenurial spirit lives on!

MyLondonHome  @My_London_Home 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About #PrimroseHill | Via @Londonist …

A place to return to…


The load of Hay Has been called many names it was established by 1721 and rebuilt in its present form in 1863: The address in 1871 census is at 4 Gilbert terrace.

The load of Hay And the houses that moll built can be seen onaka the left, on the right hand side of the road is “The White House aka Steeles cottage”.

 Built in 1740 and replaced the original that was to the rear of the present building.  It was the frequent watering hole of the drovers that worked the land in what was a rural setting it would have been a solitary welcoming point for stage coach travellers.


 The Load of Hay Tavern 

This rural scene would have been familiar
in the 17th century in Chalk Farm as it is now called,the name comes from the farmer landowning  family Chalcott.


John Constable  A view of London 1832 with Steeles cottage (sic) on the right

The Houses that Moll King Built still stand today and say Dawson Terrace circa xxxx on  Roques map of london xxxx they appear as Moll King Row.

richard steelIMG_0056

Sir Richard Steele

Richard Steele was the founder of the Spectator and editor of the original Vanity Fair.  He briefly resided in an isolated cottage owned by Sir John Sedleyt just south of the Load of Hay. was deceased and Steele was now on the run from his creditors and used his connections in the notorious Kit Kat Club to evade Justice. Eventually escaping to Wales where he died a short while later.


Richard Steele was a resident on the Hill in the early 1700,s.  In a house owned by Sir Charles Sedley both members of  the notorious Kit Kat Club, whose members sprung to his aid in his hour of need. The reason for this temporary solitude” in which Steele resided here was pecuniary.

Sedley  was very much like Steele, he was a playwright & politician and remembered for his profligacy & wit.

On the other side of the road

The famous Covent Garden coffee house (bordello) proprietor Moll King who towards the end of life built built three houses on the Hill whilst living in a villa nearby, where her prodigy Nancy Dawson  eventually Dawson died at there in May, 1767.


In Hogarth’s “March to Finchley the houses can be seen in the distance


Nancy Dawson, the famous hornpipe dancer in the famous Covent Garden production of a “The Beggars Opera”

Poetic Visions #countryside


Kinder scout to eggplant all fields in a vision set

A ghostly aftermath from the dry stone wall.  Oblivion

And centuries of tradition an accelerated activity

Ploughed and golden a mountainous hill, Mam does not deceive

Miles and miles of beyond from plaque to rage a seething water

Rising will believe it a stone step carrying deeply

From small monument a ridge dips obliquely

A striking wood and skirting tree

landslide collapsed a cavernous reserve from grassy knoll

To mineral forest, leaving a yearning while observing

Nature returning exploding flowers and blurry mowers

Climb and rising will believe it from a dangerous high

A distant vale exposes a ghostly openness dipping

from the modern the trodden path twining whilst constantly

Spotting land dips and slides, oh mother of hills a castle town

Onwards with a multitude of frowns the path so peripatetic …

MAPNEWZ…Look up here and you may notice a spindly-legged form perched high above the streets.

They say it pays to look up in London, for you never know what unusual sights will greet you from the rooftops.

The Royal Exchange is a case in point a trading house that has been usurped as a posh shopping centre. img_1122

Rising rents and high rising buildings…

The landlords of The Royal Exchange are increasing rent, to such exorbitant levels that traditional shops with a long history in both their use and purpose are being forced to move out of the area.

This total disregard for Heritage is something that will be regretted and I presume future generations will look back and ask WHY???


Smokers Paradise is the oldest tobacconist shop in the City of London. They are now situated in Fenchurch Street opposite the Walkie Talkie, having recently moved from their previous address opposite the Bank of England. The shop was established in 1841 and has been a family run business for the last 37 years since 1976.  The original shop (above) opposite the Bank of England now lies empty.

What Next???

The level of High rise development in the heart of  the financial district of London is creating havoc to many of its existing retail outlets and thteatens the architectural heritage in the heart of the City.

e6703aea09ee7183ef34eab6f373a99f450e3c57.jpgGoing up a futuristic impression of the City of London

Over 100 new new buildings have been proposed for London, but only a small number are actually being built.  A total of 119 buildings of 20 storeys or over have been proposed for the capital in the last year, and the number of tall buildings under construction has risen from 70 to 89.


This Glorious indoor market will have a shadow cast over it

Leadenhall Market will become a “lost relic” if plans to build a 73-storey skyscraper next door are approved, conservation experts have warned. The historic covered market will be dwarfed by the £400 million tower, which is  set to replace an existing  Seventies office block.


More to Come!!!

A skyscraper is set to join the City of London’s world-famous collection of oddly designed buildings with silly names. The Trellis will rival the Shard in height, and overshadow  the Gherkin,  Walkie-Talkie,  Cheesegrater and the Helter Skelter.


The Aviva Tower sits opposite the Gherkin And will be demolished to make way for the  gigantic office block. The tower will rise from the rubble of the existing Aviva building at 1 Undershaft.


Detailed plans to build the Trellis City’s tallest skyscraper, which will rival the Shard in height and make it the second tallest tower in Europe have been given the go ahead…

THe Belsize Flyer

Looking back over the last weeks intresting Tweets in NW3…

Love These prints, I scream for… The Coffee Jar @thecoffeejar Forget the rain! We love our new icecream van prints by local artist

Making a piont Franco @Franc00s There are zero local shop options in Belsize Park

The minds eye Art EyeWall @ArtEyeWall ‘From A Hampstead Window’ By Charles Ginner, 1923 #art #window #snow #winter

Volunteers needed On The Hill @onthehillinfo Primrose Hill Neighbours Help is a community organisation which helps local older people with via local volunteers

Great art is always worth a visit Olivers Village Cafe @OliversCafe Don’t forget: we have a PV this Sat 6-9pm of David Hodge’s exhibition, running til Jan #exhibitions #NW3 #cafe #art

Interesting Mini Beat Music @minibeatmusic Well it isn’t snowing But it’s just a dream away… FRIDAY @BelsizeLibrary 9.30 & 10.30 #livemusic #babies#toddlers #dropin #NW3 #EnglandsLane

The Belsize Flyer


interesting… Belsize Village @BelsizeVillage Sun 10:30: The story of Hampstead’s spies. A walk through NW3 with world expert & Hampstead resident @StewartPurvis. 

Look Out… Rob Cohen@RobCoh Jan 7 Someone in #BelsizePark is missing their cat. It looks to be in pain. Please share locally (Photo isn’t great) small all black kitten.

Something To Do…  @TheGeorgeNW3 quiz, you can learn many things. And you don’t even need to get the tube. #pubquiz #tubestrike #prizes #belsizepark

A Local Landmark Dean Chalkley@deanchalkley_ Jan 5 love this news stand in #belsizepark ..#ldn #magazine #news #physical 

Be Aware …Steele’s Village @SteelesVillage Number of residential & business break-ins over the Christmas period, Please double check security #nw3 #hampstead #belsizepar

Places To Visit In North London… Londonist@Londonist 7h A local’s guide to north London: 

Fancy a New Challenge … Camden New Journal  @NewJournal Vacancy at Camden New Journal: Reporter 

Look out For more Tweets on NW3 Follow the Belsize Flyer @mapzine77


ghost writer 341

The auld haunt was never the same as when I knew my old friend …

We met in streetcars and knew the pleats, all crevasses and iron complete.

New arrivals lay and gunned to compete

Asteroid belt to sandal strap a seriousness of silence.

The Hermetic seals are broken and the panoptic jar cracked

finite splinters of test always featured breakfast.

See the moon and turn a quick shooting glance, upper lip pout.

A Knave maybe a king and spin the Sun, the roundabout took slide

Careering for any old job, the odd man out got left behind.

Showtime took a reeling motion as words poured meaning.

The shadows were never the same as when I left

The returning cursor showing arched a full stop repeating…

New thought always gathered old dust as the cast left

Shone a bright afterthought of an innuendo

At the end of every street the cart rested, whist the return

Ploughed a Majesty as the sky laid deep, and so it became, the host was always

The guest a co conspirator in Heavens lonely gaze

Wheeling just like a man forbidden to evenings garden

uprooted to extend a streaming flow in a digital age, letters shall glow

A lost click clack never to be repeated, a new friend born to go.

The ride went through cavernous delight.  As the ghost writer…

Took to flight and carriages sentenced the first mate.

Farthest out post of lost words, letters lay scattered scintillating

like a peppered spray of silvery mist a bitter path to swallow.

Every one a forbidden protagonist of progression and its sigils

Any despair became forever a foil to scare the paragraph its finale

only now can start again, now that was a blessing, the name never

Again remembered  only to be known in memory of that haunted eternity.

Can all be spanning the soul and its girders stretched to a metallic sheen

Thou humble sting of conscious thought a long lost sleep dreaming that old number

That Beastly cry of the little sunshine…